Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

WOW! It's been a while

Well, quick update since I haven't blogged since right after Sawyer was born. He is doing great and came home after an 8 day stint in the hospital. He just turned 2-months-old back on the 8th and is growing like crazy! Don't remember Whisper being quite as big at this age. Daddy thinks he's gonna be a big boy! Tall and built well. Yay.....mommy's in for freaking out over her baby wanting to play football!
Not exactly 2-months-old in the picture since it looks like it's been a month since I loaded pics on the computer. Hmmm....swear it hasn't been that long!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Baby Jennings has arrived!

After a long day of somewhat irregular but progressively contractions on Wednesday we decided to head in to the hospital. I was in a lot of pain and due to our history was really concerned for the baby. Hubby called to see if we could go in and glad we didn't wait. They informed us over the phone that I was GBS+ with this pregnancy. Dunno why I was never told at my appointment since the test was done several weeks previous. We arrived shortly after 8pm that evening and after being examined by the nurse the on-call doctor had me admitted and started the antibiotics. I was dilated to 5cm, 70% effaced and my bag was bulging. My contractions were registering on the machine as coming more frequently than I had indicated. When I did feel them I was in a lot of pain. I eventually decided to get an epidural later that evening. That really helped me to feel better. At 12:40am Thursday morning they broke my water and for a while I progressed some more with the assistance of pitocin, but then I stalled for a good 4 hours even though the contractions were pretty intense on the monitor. Baby started having some decellerations as well but was recovering quickly. Stressed me out but the doctors kept saying he was okay. I eventually progressed to 8 1/2 cm and 90% but then my cervix started to swell. Ultimately the doctor decided a c-section was necessary which although not ideal I felt that it was the best way to go to get baby out safely. At 2:45pm our little man was delivered. He didn't do well on the apgars. First a 2 and then a 6 and he wasn't letting out that big loud cry that everyone wants to hear. His breathing was abnormal and he was grunting. Daddy did get to hold him briefly and show him to me but then they took him to the nursery while I was being finished up. They did bloodwork which indicated that he had an infection but they still don't know what exactly. They started antibiotics and the second round of bloodwork shows that his immune system is kicking in and working and the meds are working. The initial chest x-ray revealed nothing but the second one showed a tiny anterior hole. He's been under and oxygen tent but they've been progessively turning things down. They had to turn it up some Friday afternoon after some rapid breathing episodes. They repeated the chest x-ray fearing the worst but it came back clear with no sign of the hole. They were able to turn down the oxygen some more. I finally got to see ALL of him last night since I was finally strong enough to walk but still cannot hold him which is killing me. He let out some awesome cries last night while we were there. The first time either of us has heard him cry that well. Nurses said he's usually pretty quiet and the best baby in the nursery. Glad to hear him fussing though and we were certainly pissing him off. We had the nurse do his footprints in our baby book. As of this morning he's pretty much the same but the nurse told Eric that he did have some more rapid breathing and so far the pediatrician hasn't been up to see any of the babies. Hopefully we will know more soon. We were told yesterday to expect at least a 7-10 day stay for baby. I most likely will be discharged Sunday(tomorrow) so not sure I will get to hold baby before going home. Both the ped. and OB docs have recommended going home and try and get things back to normal before baby comes home. How that is possible is beyond me. Normal would be to bring baby home with me!

Friday, July 2, 2010

38 weeks and 4 days

So not a ton of progress other than baby's head is in the pelvis now and not off to the side. Yay! Unfortunately I'm scheduled for yet another appointment for next Friday with a different doctor in the practice. My doctor informed me today that he is out all next week. Yay..........more to stress about! I just want this baby out where he will be safe! So, if I make it to next Friday and believe me this stubborn little monkey probably will make sure of that, then they will schedule the induction some time for the week of the 12th! I don't want to freaking wait!

Friday, June 25, 2010

37 weeks and 4 days

So today's visit was a bit stressful. The stupid NST machine at the clinic is WAY too old! I wasn't even clicking the button indicating I was feeling baby move and it was marking that I had. The machine makes a click sound when you click it and if the wire connected to the clicker moved slightly it would register a click! Then it completely stopped doing anything. Plus baby decided he didn't want to cooperate. They had me downing ice cold water and poking baby. I had to pee so bad and peed several times after that while we wanted for the rest of my appointment. Next thing we had done was the ultrasound to check the fluid level. It is looking good and in the normal range. Baby has shifted some and is closer to heads down but not straight down. Close enough though and hopefully he stays that way!
I've made some progress from last week's fingertip dilated. I am currently about 2cm dilated and 50% effaced. Doctor says at least one more week. Praying we continue to make progress and baby stays at least mostly heads down.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Quick before I head to bed!

Appointment was quick today. Weight was up too much in my opinion but I think some of it is water weight.....I hope! Hb nice and strong and doc says my numbers look good. Got a slip for another ultrasound and scheduled that for next Tuesday. Another update on fetal growth and amniotic fluid.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Okay.....lagging behind a bit!

So I forgot post anything about my 34wk4dys apppointment. Nothing other than the usual everything looks good. Still doing good with the lovely GD. Well, other than dinner tonight and getting a 150 but I should have known better than to eat two biscuits with the sausage gravy! I was hungry and actually didn't eat the whole two since I gave some to Eric. Had apple too though which added to the carb load. So we are getting, or at least I am, quite anxious for this little guy to be here. I'm getting extremely uncomfortable. Something I do not remember experiencing with Ryleigh at all.