Friday, May 28, 2010

33 week 4 day OB appointment

My appointment went well today. Spent more time in the waiting room than in the exam room with the doctor. Everything is looking good. They got my u/s results from a little over 2 weeks ago. Baby was measuring then at 33wks6days which McKenna emphasized can be plus or minus so much. The estimated weight was 4pounds 10 ounces which again has a margin of error and the percentile was 42%. So he's not concerned about baby's size thus far. My belly is measuring on target as well. We also discussed not going past 40 weeks and he said that is usually the case but sometimes in the cervix isn't being favorable the question comes to letting baby cook longer or using the medications to soften the cervix. Though he said usually they do get things going around 39 weeks. That would be July 5th for getting things going which to me seems perfect! I see McKenna again next Friday afternoon and he said we will start the weekly non-stress tests in about two weeks. As for my sugar levels he said they look great. He only gets concerned when they are consistently high and like in the 160's and 170's. He says it doesn't look like I will need insulin since my #'s are looking great so far. Let's keep our fingers crossed! Well, think that's about it......and baby's hb was at 150 today.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wednesday's apppointment, etc.

Forgot to post an update. Everything is looking good so far as we can tell. LOL........darn u/s results from the previous week were not in my file. Doctor said he would have the nurse look for them since the imaging center should have sent them right over! I go back next Friday so hopefully he has everything by then. Next week I start weekly appointments to make sure the GD stays under control and baby doesn't get too big, etc. I am so ready for baby to be here! Have a few more things to get ready but almost done. Nursery is all set up even though we won't be using it for more than clothing storage and the changing table. Baby will be rooming in with us as much as possible since we've also got the bassinet. So far the last thing we need for baby is to order the cloth diaper rental and whatnot from Nell. Don't need to do that for a few more weeks though. Still trying to get other things done around the house. Need to get the new stove soon and then get everything ordered for the fence that Eric is going in install in the front yard. Really looking forward to that. Then we will have a safe and dog poop free area for Whisper to play and enjoy the summer! The backyard is safe but I wanted a place for the kids that is completely dog poop free!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 5 OB appointment

Gonna make this quick since dinner will be ready soon! The visit was a long one but necessary. I was stressed over significantly less movement. Long story short everything is fine and was about to be given jellybeans when he decided to kick things up a notch. Doctor wanted to see more accelerations and guess baby doesn't like jellybeans since when the nurse said she might just have to give me some baby decided to give us the readings we needed to be allowed to go home. Whisper got a jellybean though! Glad I didn't get any because I HATE jellybeans!
So my weight is down 2 pounds from a month ago. Stresses me out but doctor was okay with it. Because of the GD diagnosis I will be going in for an ultrasound within the next couple weeks. Will call and schedule that on Monday. As long as I go in enough time for results for my May 19th appointment everything should be fine. Currently measuring as I should but doctor wants to take extra precautions. I know it's too soon but I'm ready for baby to be here!