Tuesday, February 23, 2010

20 Week Ultrasound

Went great! HB was at 142, estimated weight so far of 14 ounces and baby was stubborn and squirmy! Wouldn't give us a profile shot no matter how hard we tried but HE was certainly not shy about showing us that he is ALL boy!

Monday, February 8, 2010

18 week appointment

My appointment went well. Saw a med student today as well as my doctor. Med student did everything and then the doctor came in and we talked briefly. The baby's heartrate was 139. I had originally planned on taking the at home doppler we received from tinyheartbeats.org. This morning when I decided I should make sure the batteries worked against what I kept telling myself I decided to try it out. Of course, as I knew deep down would happen I only could find my own heartrate. So when Eric got home from work I confessed to him what I had done and that it was stressing me out so he said he'd give it a try. He immediately found the heartrate of the baby. It was 147 and then baby moved and he found it again and it was 155. So he's either a genius or he got lucky! I learned my lesson to never use it by myself and always have daddy do it!
I also went this afternoon to have my blood drawn for the quad screening. Hopefully that will come back fine. Otherwise I imagine we will be having other testing....ie advanced ultrasound. I know amnio is also an option but after reading about that I am choosing against that. It won't change the outcome of this pregnancy and the u/s should be able to see any problems.
I scheduled my regular 20 week ultrasound and have it scheduled for 20 weeks exactly on Monday February 22nd with a check in of 2:45. Cannot wait! Want to know that everything looks good with baby and find out if we are having a boy or girl.